DOMA/8 Is Not A High Jump


Jeremy Pryor, left, and Mark Doyle

Op-ed: DOMA/8 Is Not A High Jump; the #DOMA #Prop8 Hearings March 26-27, 2013

The side issue regarding same sex parenting exposes the prejudices that the Constitution was written to rectify. DOMA/8 are a matter of Liberty. It is the role of the Court to correct any infringement on that Liberty.

I’m offended that study is required to ascertain whether or not same sex parents are fit – which in and of itself questions whether same sex couples themselves, intrinsically at core, are not as equipped and as morally stable to meet life as capably and effectively as straight couples. That in some way child rearing by same sex couples would be harmful.

The premise of the opposition itself makes DOMA/8 a Civil Rights issue. It’s there in the transcripts, in black and white, what amounts to, the possibility of “less than”, sub-human status. It goes that deep. That is what is hurtful and damning.

Is the bar to be met, as studies show, a 56% divorce rate, 250,000 foster kids in the system each year, 50,000 homeless youth on the streets every night, 3.3 million reports of child abuse every year?

We are not asking for a Parenting License. (Clearly, there isn’t one required presently.) LGBT are demanding our right to a Marriage License.

The matter itself cannot be up for dispute, nor require study, as “all men are created equal…”. The assumption of the opposition is that Lesbian and Gay people are disproportionately flawed as capable humans, in the roles as spouses and parents, until proven otherwise. How not-flawed do we really need to be? The bar seems to be set pretty low.

And that’s what is most insulting; that same sex couples could be as bad or worse at carrying out their spousal and parental responsibilities. Doubtful. Seriously doubtful. (Frankly, a part of me imagines the arguments are really masking a big fear of being bested.)

Those arguments by the opposition are notions of human inferiority as it pertains to Equality, and therefore, the restrictions on and denial of Equality for All is Unconstitutional.

I don’t need the Court (nor the Public) to give me a studied approval as to my humanity. LGBT need the Court to protect The Human Right of Equality, as it is explicitly and unequivocally stated in the Constitution of these United States of America.


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