Do our lives need a narrative?

story of self narrative article shared by aletheus

The storytelling self is as real a part of us as the experiencing, fleeting self…

By psychotherapist Antonia Macaro and philosopher Julian Baggini


The Shrink

It may seem obvious that the story of our life to date is just what it is, and that we can only change it in flights of fancy. But the idea that the Lego bricks of our daily lives may be arranged into different buildings is not fanciful. If you re-examine how you make sense of past events, it will almost certainly turn out that your dominant narrative can be challenged by alternative stories. Narrative therapy insisted on the importance of such “re-storying” of experience, as does the newer narrative coaching.

We can’t help storying our life. That’s what human beings do. It can be fruitful therefore to examine the narrative that has unreflectively built up over time. This is more important than one might think: stories have consequences, and we live by them in a very real sense.

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