Take Aim! Your Dreams Come True.

Take Aim! Your Dreams Come True. sfcpdx

1. Visualize what life will be like when you accomplish your goal.
Make the reality of your accomplishment so real in your mind that you will feel the exhilaration of the accomplishment, even though you haven’t touched it physically.
The reality of the accomplishment will cause your mind to begin working on the steps you need to take to reach your goal or dream even while you sleep.

2. Write how you will feel on a piece of paper and put it by your bed.
Write down on a piece of paper what you see in your mind and what you feel in your heart. Express your excitement of what you can now do as a result of having accomplished your goal.
Describe how your life has changed as a result of reaching your dream.
Write in such a way that when you read it again, the same excitement and reality of accomplishment floods your whole being.

3. Read the paper just before you go to bed for the night and just after you wake up.
This practice at night sets your mind working as you sleep.
This practice every morning renews your strength and determination to accomplish even though all around you may be laughing.

4. Each day, take a small step toward the accomplishment of your goals and dreams.
Begin acting on the “flashes of inspiration” that come to you. It may require some time to complete each step but the reality of your vision will impel you forward.
Write down in a journal the steps you have taken. Very often, in those situations new ideas come. Record those new ideas and act on them as you are able.

5. Don’t listen to those who would try to steal your dreams and tell you your goal is impossible to attain. The reality of your dreams and goals will give you a protection against those who would discourage you from your purpose.

6. Never compromise when you fail. Get up and try once again with renewed hope in your heart. Failure is merely the opportunity to approach the same problem differently. It is a healthy and normal part of accomplishing what we want to in this life. Use it to your advantage and be grateful for opportunities to try again.

7. Believe and know that every individual on earth (including yourself) is filled with undeveloped talents, and has the power to contribute significantly to the betterment of human kind.
By now, you should already believe that you are a marvelous being, filled with many undeveloped talents just waiting to be developed. You are seeing yourself closer to your goal as you develop those talents you need to succeed.

8. Help others on the way to their goals. Helping others on the way to their goals gives us the power to accomplish our goals at a more accelerated rate.

9. Allow the Divine (however you believe it) to help you in your journey. No man or woman is an Island. Not only do we need each other to discover what life demands of us but we also need the Divine to be ever present and to help bear our burdens when things get discouraging.

10. Be grateful for every blessing and challenge set in your way. Be grateful for the challenges, the blessings, the setbacks and the successes of life. Seeing life in this way gives us the power to lift others while we lift ourselves toward our dreams and goals. Our victory will be complete and we will have great influence for good on others around us.

Thank you for this list goes to Dr. Joseph C. Taylor.


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