The Tastiest “TweetUp” – Portland Hashcapades

Twitter has dramatically changed how people connect within their communities and beyond. There are so many interesting to people to engage and often 140 characters is not enough to take relationships to a more meaningful level. Hashcapades, in Portland Oregon, is a monthly breakfast that brings people from the Twitter stream into personal friendship.

hashcapades-portland-oregon-tweetupEach month an ever growing group of Portlanders, (some folks even travel from as far as Salem and Eugene) gather at a local restaurant to sample the chef’s take on the ever classic and favorite dish, Hash. Over time the group has also taken to sampling and rating the Bloody Mary’s on offer.

hashcapades-portland-oregon-tweetupIn 2012 we visited Imperial, The Parish, Jamison, Urban Farmer, Gracie’s, Cafe Nell, and others. Each one made special accommodations for the group and served up some of the best breakfast food Portland has to offer. Admittedly, as with most eateries, some are better than others.  Click the links above for photos and reviews.

hashcapades-portland-oregon-tweetupThe variety of Hash served up is amazing, but not surprising for anyone familiar with the nationally recognized food scene in Portland. Rabbit, trout, beef tenderloin, broccoli raab – the list goes on.

hascapades-portland-oregon-tweetupBut it is not just about the food. It’s about making lasting connections with interesting people from a wide variety of backgrounds in a cross section of professions and industries. There are runners, social media types, foodies, bloggers, film makers, artists and writers that gather together to share stories, information, and above all, camaraderie. This is part of what makes Portland such a special and unique place on the map.

hashcapades-portland-oregon-tweetupIt’s not your usual “tweetup” – it’s a sit down experience that gives people the opportunity to have lively, long conversations in a leisurely way, (admittedly sometimes raucous), around a table set with often interesting and tasty food. Oh, and some of the stories you hear!  Personally, I can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend morning.


Over time the group has grown, with each new guest bringing more diversity and depth to the table. Just like the widely varied flavors of each dish we sample.

So, what are you doing Saturday, January 12th at 10:30 a.m.? That’s the date and time of the next Hashcapade in Portland. Where? A perennial favorite – Clyde Common! It’s important that you RSVP on the Facebook Event so the staff can prepare and set up what is sure to be a great start to a new year of culinary Hashtastic fun!

hashcapades-portland-oregon-tweetupOur host, Clark Haass (center) is a local bon vivant and cookbook author who couldn’t be more friendly and gracious. Long term friendships have been forged because of his passion and dedication to good food, building community and, of course, hash! Be sure to follow Hashcapades on Twitter and Facebook too! Hope to see you there.

All photos from the Hashcapades website. And, you can follow me on twitter at @SFCpdx


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