How to Find and Follow Up on Leads Using Social Media

The business of selling has changed dramatically in the past several years with the explosion of social media. Brands, both personal and retail, spend countless hours and resources harnessing the power of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. This article shows how one brand has gone about finding and following up on leads using their social media channels.

The entire conversation (read from bottom up)

The entire conversation

Keyword Search: Using Sprout Social keyword search function, this brand used a basic word string to discover potential clients “looking for a rug”.


The social media community manager reviews the list of keyword search results for those mentions that may result in a potential client or purchase.

sfcpdx aletheus social media keyword search leads for sales

How the community manager responds is key to successful engagement. A hard sell is less likely to result in positive social media engagement.

sfcpdx aletheus sprout social keyword search for sales leads social media

If the outreach is inviting and not demanding (“maybe”) with a call to action, the likelihood of a positive response is greater. In this case, Ellie responded with a photo.

lead 11-aletheus-sfcpdx-social-media-keyword-search-for-sales

Now engaged, the brand can proceed to provide top notch customer service.

lead 12-aletheus-sfcpdx-social-media-keyword-search-for-sales

Assessing preferences and need

Assessing preferences and need

Offering appropriate options

Side note: Let’s talk about those short links. They lead to the brand’s Pinterst pins rather than directly to the brand website. This softens the sell while at the same time increasing engagement on that social channel. If the lead clicks on the Pinterest image then she will be taken to the brand website. Great for SEO too.

NW Rugs Pinterest Boards

Note the use of hashtags in the pin for expanded search-ability

NW Rugs brand website rugs

Pinterest pin destination

Outcome: The lead, Ellie in this case, was very pleased with the options offered and visted the site to learn more about the rugs. The brand added one last bit of advice and left the conversation on a light note, “This was fun.”

lead 04-aletheus-sfcpdx-social-media-keyword-search-sales

Now is that the end of it? Not by a long shot! This brand takes this sales lead engagement to a higher level ….. by extending the conversation to its Facebook channel.


Here the community manager solicits further advice and feedback from its fans on Facebook. He includes a call to action, links to the brand website for reference and SEO, and uses relevant #hashtags. But wait…. there’s more. He schedules the post for a few hours later, but Tweets the post ahead of publishing.

lead 08-aletheus-sfcpdx-social-media-keyword-search-sales

Why? This way the Facebook post will garner some engagement traction even prior to publishing. When it goes live there is already some buzz to go with it. This increases interest and engagement as many folks shy away from being the first to comment. When a discussion is already in full swing, fans are more likely to jump into the conversation. Another advantage is that the pre-post engagement helps boost the Facebook algorithm which turns into further reach.

lead 14

Finally, the social media community manager re-engages Ellie (the lead) by tweeting the link to the Facebook post with comments already attached to it. She sees it, favorites it, and retweets it, thus inviting her friends and followers to engage too. If she is on Facebook, she will more than likely share it there as well, thereby increasing the reach and influence of the brand all the while helping someone make their home more beautiful. The soft sell works far better than the hard, don’t you think?

What do you think of this strategy? Is it too much? Do you think you would try this? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and share it with your social media friends to see what they think. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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    • Thanks, Rich. I am familiar with that site – great content.

  1. Nice Sharing!! This is very important for our company. Thanks!

    • Thanks. I will be interested to see how you adapt it to your biz. Keep me posted.

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