Aletheus: Video of 8 Card Pentacle Tarot Spread

This is a video I put together of a reading I did the other day using the pentacle spread I developed specifically for use with the Light & Shadow Tarot. Of course, the spread can be used effectively with any deck as well.  I have plans to do a full explication of the Light & Shadow Pentacle Spread in the nearest future, with particular emphasis on the way the pentacle is drawn (cast) and the attributions of each point. For now, please enjoy the video. I’d love to hear your comments and am always open to questions too.

aletheus 8 card pentacle tarot spread 093012

Please click the picture to see the video

(Sadly, WordPress does not allow embedding Animoto made videos)

3 thoughts on “Aletheus: Video of 8 Card Pentacle Tarot Spread

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