MANTRA: Jewel of Practice

this place and time is sacred
i am blessed
awaken my heart
be here now

no striving no contriving
here now as is
nothing is missing

breathe less think less
talk less worry less 
in the expanse of suchness 

accomplish union
the Great Seal
in natural freedom without support

resting in luminosoty of luminosity
realize unchanging bliss supreme
the Great Perfection

om ah hum om ah hum om ah hum
om ah hum om ah hum om ah hum
om ah hum om ah hum om ah hum

commentary / notes (ongoing)

The teachings of the Buddha hold within them many layers of meaning, each with its own outer, inner, and secret essence. These notes are simply meant to unveil some of these aspects, but in the course of our practice, their significance will become increasingly clear.

Consider the place where you currently find yourself. It is not merely any location, but a space where the teachings of the Buddha are known and accessible, and where we possess the ability to understand and internalize them. Whether it is a country, a home, a room, or a single point in space where you sit, feel the profound connection between your body and the ground.

Reflect also on the present moment, which is neither the past nor the future. Despite the many generations that have come before us, the teachings of the lineage remain unbroken and arise in the present. We are blessed with the precious human birth, endowed with the resources and capabilities necessary for liberation, as illuminated by the great masters.

Awakening is both a calling and a command, urging us to burst forth like a sprout pushing through the soil, taking in the nourishment of the field tended by the most skilled of gardeners. The heart is the amulet box of the mind, and it is only by opening this container that we can release our mind from the constraints of our ego.

As it is said, the past is dead and the future is unborn. Only the present moment exists, and we must be mindful of its significance. The past is a fabrication of hindsight and rationalization, while the future is shaped by hope and fear. Neither are real, but only the present moment is imbued with truth.

(to be continued)

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