Ancestor Astrology?

As we gather information for our family trees and try to piece together a portrait of their lives there is only so much information to draw upon as reference. Have you ever thought about creating a natal astrological chart for them? It’s a fun way to explore another aspect of our ancestors. While it may not be scientifically accurate, it can add a little color to their story. 

In the case of my seventh great grandfather, Hanß Philipp Biebinger, the astrological characteristics attributed to him based on his natal chart seems pretty spot on. According to a Family Book he was a Master Baker, Court Associate, and Mayor.

Hanß Philipp Biebinger, born March 30, 1676 at Mutterstadt, Germany. He had ten children with his wife, Elisabeth Rapparlie.

Hanß Philipp Biebinger is a confident and ambitious individual with a strong sense of individuality. He is assertive and proactive, always ready to take initiative and tackle new challenges. He is driven by his Aries sun sign which suggests his leadership qualities.

Despite his assertiveness, he also has a sensitive side as indicated by his Moon in Libra. He is aware of the emotions and needs of others and values harmony and balance in his relationships. He is also known for his thoughtful and reflective nature, as indicated by his retrograde Mercury in Aries. He tends to think deeply about his actions before making decisions.

In terms of relationships, Hanß Philipp Biebinger values stability, comfort, and material security. He is likely to be drawn to practical and reliable partners. He is also progressive and innovative in his approach to action, with a strong interest in unconventional and non-conformist ideas, as indicated by his Mars in Aquarius.

With Jupiter in Capricorn, Hanß Philipp Biebinger has a strong sense of discipline, responsibility and a desire to achieve tangible results. He is likely to be hardworking and determined. His Saturn in Taurus suggests that he values stability, comfort and material security in his life. Uranus in Aries suggests that he may have a tendency to be impulsive, and may be drawn to unconventional and non-conformist ideas.

Neptune in Aquarius suggests that Hanß Philipp Biebinger may have a strong interest in technology, science, and alternative ways of living. He may be drawn to new and innovative ideas and ways of thinking. Lastly, Pluto in Cancer suggests that Hanß Philipp Biebinger may have a strong emotional depth and a desire to be secure in his home and personal life. He likely puts great emphasis on his family and home environment.

Mutterstadt at this time was a place of refugees from the religious wars. His wife’s family likely escaped France to Mutterstadt. This is where the two met and started their large family. If you are writing a family story, maybe this is an angle you could approach as a way to enhance the narrative by drawing a plausible character portrait using the astrological influences at birth. 

What do you think of this idea? Please share your comments and ideas.

2 responses to “Ancestor Astrology?”

  1. Thanks for your thoughts. I figure if one can say “well of course he did that, he’s a Scorpio” about a living person why not an ancestor? And just as some of the attributes of my own natal chart seem “dead on” they could be equally spot on for an ancestor. Now, would I make statements in an official biography? No. I use my ancestors and their circumstances to craft plausible tales, semi-biographical, somewhat fictionalized period narratives. There’s not a lot of records to go on when your talking the 16th and 17th centuries. But you can create a likely mis en scene or tableau that paints a picture of the time and place and how an ancestor might well have fit in and responded to the circumstances. While I wouldn’t write “he was a Taurus” I might add, “perhaps some of his difficulties with the townspeople as shown in the parish records was due to a stubborn nature.” I might describe him with the generally attributed features, “a burly fellow in his mid-thirties seemed to have been tamed by his quite prime and particular bride.” (she’s a Virgo). That’s how I would use it, and it’s a fun diversion. Got to work with you got, as they say. Thanks again.

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  2. It’s definitely a more unusual way to look at your ancestors. I think I take note of my family star signs because astrology was something I grew up hearing people discussing. It’s not a route I’d take in my own research. I wonder just how accurate it would be and how much are just coincidence (that’s the skeptic in me). Very interesting blog and different approach.


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