Using keyword search to find and follow up on sales leads

How to Find and Follow Up on Leads Using Social Media

The business of selling has changed dramatically in the past several years with the explosion of social media. Brands, both personal and retail, spend countless hours and resources harnessing the power of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. This article shows how one brand has gone about finding and following up on leads using their social…


The Tastiest “TweetUp” – Portland Hashcapades

Twitter has dramatically changed how people connect within their communities and beyond. There are so many interesting to people to engage and often 140 characters is not enough to take relationships to a more meaningful level. Hashcapades, in Portland Oregon, is a monthly breakfast that brings people from the Twitter stream into personal friendship. Each…

Klout – I Just Have to Laugh

In the frenzy of trying everything new social media I of course came across Klout. You’ve heard of Klout, haven’t you? They describe their “service” as “When you recommend, share, and create content you impact others. Your Klout Score measures that influence on a scale of 1 to 100.” It was easy to get sucked in…

Guide for Efficient Content Curation

This Twitter content curation workflow utilizes the iphone5 and the ipad or desktop. Tweeting is an excellent way to share information with your followers. The kinds of tweets you post will determine the level of reach and influence you achieve as a brand.