the jewel of practice

this place and time is sacred
i am blessed
awaken my heart
be here now

no striving no contriving
here now as is
nothing is missing

om ah hum om ah hum om ah hum

[add on for longer practice]

extending the breath
into the expanse of suchness
rest in clear light luminosity
of union the great seal

no striving no contriving
here now as is
nothing is missing

in natural freedom without support
experience pure deathless mind
unchanging bliss supreme
the great perfection

no striving no contriving
here now as is
nothing is missing

om ah hum om ah hum om ah hum

commentary / notes (ongoing)

each word and verse has what is called an outer, inner, and secret meaning. these notes are meant to make them apparent. in the course of practice these meanings are further revealed, therefore the comments are ongoing.

this place, not just anywhere; a place where the buddha’s teachings are known and available, and we have the ability to receive and understand them. this country, this abode, this room, this one speck of a spot in the universe where you sit; feel that connection to the ground.

this time, not the past nor the future; after many generations the unbroken lineage teachings arise presently.
blessed with precious human life; with the privileges advantages resources and capabilities for liberation in this lifetime clearly laid out before us by the masters.

awaken is a call, a command, and a request; encouraging the sprout to push up through the dirt, to take the nourishment of the field tended by the most skilled gardener. the heart is the amulet box for the mind; open and release the one, the other, both, they are the same.

as it is said, the past is dead and the future is unborn; this is no other place and time other than here and now. the past is manufactured by hindsight and rationalization, the future by hope and fears; neither are real while the present is the only time of truth.

(to be continued)

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Green Tara Prayer

O great mother Arya Tara

Liberator of all sentient beings

protect me so i may benefit others

whether in this life of the next.

Be here now and stay above my head

bestowing blessings and inspiration

to step forward with compassion and wisdom.

om tara tuttare ture soha

om tara tuttare ture soha

om tara tuttare ture soha

GRAPHIC: See Rubin Museum of Art – Daily Mindfulness Tips and Guided Meditation Sessions

verse copyright mark hannan 2020

“Sit still! Or else!”

I wonder how much residual resistance remains from our caretakers telling us to sit still when we were kids. The directive was an imperative that had punitive consequences if not heeded.

When we try “to sit still”, is part of the restlessness rooted in this formative experience of admonishment? Remember the challenge of trying to harness all that chaotic energy flooding through you?

You’d sit on your hands, or hold your breath. Whatever you could do to stay out of the corner. Facing the blank wall in silence. Sound familiar? There is a Zen practice of sitting facing the wall for meditation. How much of our resistance comes from this fight againt “time out”?

Be here now. It isn’t Mom telling you to sit still, to calm down, or you are going to your room. It isn’t the teacher telling you to settle down or go to time out. Now it’s your spirit inviting you to come home and sit for a spell.

I’d be curious to hear if you have come across this in your practice.

Thank you.