POEM: Alethea

The need
to go
on the N Judah train
to Ocean Beach
to stand alone
facing out
dig long toes in
sand and water

Take hold, feet
root here
and roll angles round
dig in
With each toe
touch past salt chill
beyond down
through layers
of body
into belly
deep attention –

Now enter
enter the darkest point
with longing
faith will bring light
Take root
reach past
crabs burrowed there
of cormorants, sea otters & whales
push through
crusty skeletons
lost ships
& sallow dead men clutching
their loot push down
through lead tin copper
& iron step
into that ore laden vein rush of it
blood saturate each bone
with heat
churning gut reach
your body in
hot coals
that do not burn
& rest there
at the center of the earth

let go
and rise –
bring back that fire
through layers of rock wet memories
loss & chagrin
Bring up
through rich soil alive
tendrils winding up
ankle shin calf knee & thigh
to the fleshy thick
of your furry sex
sphincter anus
into belly
liver kidney & spleen
further your luminous heart
out all along your arms
from gracefully held shoulders
to elbow sinewy arm wrist fingertip
& back
to touch
supple neck
& throat open song
further fire light up
into jaw ah smile bright brow
blazing broadly
crowned with clear light

Frank Schmidt / National Park Service

The poem Alethea, by Mark Hannan in 1993, was written as an invocation creating sacred space and is meant to be accompanied by the beat of a doumbek or celtic frame drum.

IMAGE: San Francisco Bay Area Photo Blog https://www.mishalov.net/2017/02/san-francisco-then-now-n-judah-light.html

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