CULTURE: The Oorijzer; a symbol of the cultural identity

In the Dutch province of Zeeland, the oorijzer has a particular style and significance. The oorijzer worn in Zeeland is often referred to as a “Zeeuwse knop” or Zeeland knob, which translates to “Zeeland button.” The Zeeland knob is a round, decorative element that is attached to the end of the oorijzer and rests against the side of the head.

The Zeeland knob is a symbol of the province’s cultural identity and has become an iconic element of traditional Zeeland costume. The knob is often made of silver or gold and is decorated with filigree work, beads, or other embellishments. It is believed that the Zeeland knob was originally inspired by the buttons used to fasten men’s shirts.

The oorijzer and Zeeland knob are still worn as part of traditional Zeeland costumes for festivals, parades, and other cultural events. The costumes are often accompanied by other traditional elements, such as a blouse with lace trim, a full skirt, and a shawl.

Our ancestors who likely wore these, the Colemans, lived in Zeeland going back centuries. CLICK to read their story

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